Our Deaftech service is designed to provide aids and appliances for those who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and people with Tinnitus. The service offers:

  • information and advice on equipment
  • the option of buying or short-term borrowing of equipment
  • the opportunity for medical card holders to apply for free equipment
  • home demonstrations for people with mobility difficulties

Call now on (021) 450 6190 for a free demonstration.

Equipment Pamphlet

Assistive Listening Technologies Service

Example of Available Equipment

Alarm Clocks

alarm clock A variety of alarm clocks created especially for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, allow you to choose one which best suits your needs. Alarm clocks may have an extra loud alarm bell, a vibrating pad, that can be placed under the pillow, a large visual display or a strobe light.

Baby Alarms

You may order a special baby alarm, which connects a microphone placed near your baby to a flashing alert light and vibrating pad.


Specialised doorbells can have features which include a silent, flashing doorbell or extra loud audio functions.

Listening Devices

ProductImages.ashx If you are Hard of Hearing and you do not wear a hearing aid, listening devices can help to improve communication in difficult listening situations. These devices consist of a small microphone, which delivers amplified sound to your ears via headphones. They also have volume control and are lightweight and easy to use.

Loop Systems

An induction loop system enables sound to be heard more clearly from a particular source by reducing or cutting out background noise. They can channel amplified and clearer sound directly to your hearing aid. Loop three-fold leaflet

Pager Systems

With a pager system, transmitters placed near a sound source trigger a vibrating, flashing or audio response to a receiver which alerts the user. This is a very useful way of monitoring activities at home or at work.

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms, created especially for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing can alert using a flashing light, extra loud volume and vibrating pad.


We can source a selection of specialised telephones with speech and ring tone amplification, hearing aid compatibility and flashing lights to alert of incoming calls.

Tinnitus Sound Maskers and Relaxation CDs

The effects of Tinnitus can be soothed by use of sound maskers. These devices ‘mask’ the effects of Tinnitus by playing a selection of relaxing sounds, such as ‘rainfall’ or ‘wave’ sounds. Many of these maskers can also be purchased with aromatherapy features. We also stock a selection of relaxation CDs.

Tinnitus Sound Pillows

The Sound Pillow is a device, which may help people with tinnitus to gain relief while trying to sleep. It consists of a typical pillow, which incorporates speakers that connect to a sound source such as a CD player.

TV and Radio Devices

A variety of equipment can assist you in hearing the television and radio. Some devices transmit amplified sound directly to headphones, while others connect directly to your hearing aid.


The Cork Deaf Association is located only ten minutes walk from Cork City’s central train and bus stations. View our location on the map. If you would like to get in touch with us please email us at visit our Facebook page or call now on (021) 450 6190. Alternatively you can use our inquiry form.