1. Adjusting to Hearing Aids Booklet

Download PDF 560kb

2. Communication Tips for Family and Friends Booklet

Download PDF 551kbCommunication Tips for Hard of Hearing and Family and Friends publication

3. Communication Tips for Teachers of Students with a Hearing Loss Leaflet

Download PDF 231kbCommunication Tips for Teachers of HOH students leaflet 3 fold

4. Loop Systems Explained Leaflet

Download PDF 393kbLoop three-fold leaflet

5. Hearing and Hearing Loss Booklet

Download PDF 673kbHearing and Hearing Loss

6. Family Support Services Leaflet

Download PDF 440kbFamily Support Services pamphlet

7. Guidelines for Working with ISL Interpreters Leaflet

Download PDF 331kbInterpreter guidelines final

8. Irish Sign Language (ISL) Information for Students Leaflet

Download PDF 249kbISL Leaflet

9. General Information on Fee Policies for ISL Students Leaflet

Download PDF 132kbISL general information on fees policies

10. Assistive Listening Devices Leaflet

Download PDF 156kbEquipment pamphlet 3 fold

11. Information for the Hard of Hearing Leaflet

Download PDF 155kbHard of Hearing pamphlet New template

12. Irish Sign Language – Alphabet Poster

Download PDF 220kb

13. General Information on Irish Sign Language Courses Leaflet

Download PDF 163kbGeneral Information on ISL Courses Leaflet with info logo

14. Aural Rehabilitation Leaflet

Download PDF 150kbAural Rehabilitation

15. Repair Strategies for Communication Breakdown Leaflet

Download PDF 181kbRepair Strategies for Communication Breakdown for the Hard of Hearing

16. Communication Tips for Teachers Booklet

Download PDF 160kbCommunication Tips for Teachers

17. Communication Tips for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Leaflet

Download PDF 150kbCommunication Tips for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students

18. Communicating with a Deaf Person Leaflet

Download PDF 388kbCommunicating with a Deaf person

19. Deaf Awareness Training Leaflet

Download PDF 111kbDeaf Awareness Training

20. Information for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Deaf and Hard of Hearing Children Leaflet

Download PDF 134kbNewly diagnosed children's pamphlet

21. What You Need to Know About Buying Hearing Aids Leaflet

Download PDF 297kbBuying Hearing Aids


22. Profile Series: Advocacy Service Leaflet

Download PDF 171kbAdvocacy services


23. Profile Series: Children’s Activities Leaflet

Download PDF 156kb Children's Activities services


24. Profile Series: Hard of Hearing Service Leaflet

Download PDF 166kb Hard of Hearing services



25. Profile Series: Tinnitus Service Leaflet

Download PDF 164kb Tinnitus Service



26. Profile Series: Assistive Listening Technologies Leaflet

Download PDF 157kb Deaftech Technology

27. Lipreading: Some Helpful Tips Leaflet

Download PDF 144kb 

28. Irish Sign Language Interpreting Access Policy: Department of Social Protection 

DSP Policy (CWO, Intreo, SW) 2017

Download PDF 180kb

28. Irish Sign Language Interpreting Access Policy: Citizens Information Board

Download PDF 180kb

CIB Policy (CIC MABS NAS) 2017