NASS – National Ability Support Services & CDA

The National Ability Supports System (NASS) is a national database that records information about disability-funded services.

NASS is managed by the HSE and the HRB. The HRB are the agency that handle health research for the HSE.

As a HSE-funded service, the Cork Deaf Association are required to maintain records, including service users details, using the NASS database.


The HRB will publish reports using statistical information from NASS.

Statistical information is number-related information, for example, the number of people who get a service.

The reports will not include your name or address or identify you in any way.

This also applies to any research carried out using NASS data, which also will not identify you in any way.


All relevant details are included in the attached HSE-issued booklet.

NASS Plain English Info


NASS Information Leaflet ISL version (