How to support the CDA

Every family in the country has felt the devastating impact of Covid-19 through ill-health, loss and isolation. Restrictions such as mask wearing and cocooning have made it additionally challenging for all in the Hard of Hearing & Deaf community.

The CDA is proud to have sustained and even developed services during the pandemic.  However, we are struggling to recover from the total collapse of our fundraising income.  We hope that you will work us to rebuild these vital funds so that we can continue to provide desperately needed supports.


Make a one-off donation or become a regular supporter
All donations, regardless of the amount, make an enormous difference to us.  Regular donations are particularly important as they help us to plan ahead and commit to certain projects, for example in a twelve month period:

€10                a month can fund an interpreter for one social/educational meeting of pre-school age children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and children of Deaf adults
€21                  a month can fund an outreach day to isolated elderly Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in remote parts of Cork county
€50                  a month can fund 2 Audiology clinics annually to help hard of hearing clients with aural rehabilitation
€100              a month can fund a ISL-fluent mentor for Deaf Youth for 6 months

Did you know that if you donate more than €250 in total in any one year, you or the CDA may be eligible to claim tax back of up to 43%?!  Contact us for further information on tax effective giving.


Making a lasting gift
You can make a lasting gift to Deaf and Hard of Hearing people in Cork by remembering the CDA in your will. You may also consider requesting that people make a donation to CDA, instead of flowers.


Wedding favour donation
Why not consider donating to the CDA for truly meaningful wedding favours?  Our elegant Sign Language Thank You cards will let your guests know that you have made a donation to the Association.


Help out with church-gate collections

Church-gate collections are our biggest source of fundraising income and we are always desperately short of volunteers.  If you or someone you know would be available to help out with collections in your area, please do contact us.


Sponsored Walk/Run/Cycle

Whether it’s the Cork City Marathon, or a local 5km challenge, consider fundraising for the CDA. Let us know and CDA t-shirts can be arranged for the event.


Come up with your own fundraising ideas
We would be delighted to hear of any fundraising ideas you have.  Please contact us if you’d like to discuss any ideas, no matter how small or large scale – or unusual! – they may be.

With your support, we can continue our journey of recovery together. Contact us to chat about what support best suits you

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